All about ME!

Hi to those who don't know me.   I am Kelli and I am a sole parenting mama to two children.  We try to tread as lightly as possible on mother earth, she is the only one we have after all.  We also cat wrangle a black siamese cross cat named Tamari and we home educate in our spare time.

However, this blog is all about ME!!  

Going from this

to today's offering

Edited to add current update (26 Oct 2014)

This is my journey of finding health and wellness while following the HCG Protocol from Changing Habits.
I hope that by sharing my experiences I can help others either on the same journey or perhaps still looking to improve their health.

Changing Meal Habits is much more than recipes.  I hope that my readers will gain confidence in knowing someone else out there is going through the same experiences.  I share what I eat, think and do in the hope that others do the same.
We gain strength in numbers, even in a virtual arena

After years of struggling with mental health issues I knew that it was time to tackle my physical health and started down my path of wellness in February 2014.   So far I have lost over 30kg, reduced daily pain levels (fibromyalgia) from an 8/10 to about a 2/10.  Am managing several walks a week and a taichi class.  All of which I could only dream of prior to starting the HCG Protocol.

My stats are there for all to see and I will keep adding to them as they change.

This isn't a short journey , so far I have competed one full round but anticipate at least three more.  I do trip up and have had gains, tears and heartache along the way.  You only need to read the grief involved in finding out beef disagrees with me :( to know this.

I promote and fully support all the Changing Habits products and am a proud affiliate of them and other companies that promote good ethical and health choices that I either do or would use.

Please feel free to comment, in fact I would love to hear from you.  Questions, thoughts or your own hints are more than welcome.   Please sign up for email notification of my posts so you don't miss out!


  1. Thanks so much Kelli - inspiring post, inspiring blogposts and great recipe resource. I am a fan of yours. I am a 60 y.o. mw (recently retired) who has struggled with being overweight for some years and feeling totally out of control over myself my weight and other life issues. I thankyou for your inspiration and think you look fantastically healthy now. - good luck with your journey.

  2. Do i have to use the psyllium husks? I don't have any.Thanks for your website! <3