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Last year I discovered a few friends were doing this diet thing and seemed to be having some great results.  I decided to check it out, I went to the Changing Habits website, did a bit of reading and some googling on HCG Protocols and liked what I read.
One of the major things I learnt through my research was that this is NOT a diet.  It isn't simply about reducing food intake until you reach a desired weight.  It is so much more than that.

This is a lifestyle change!!

People dismiss it as another fad diet and this is so far from the truth.  It is an education in food and body.  I have learnt so much about myself and how my body reacts to certain foods.  I have no desire to eat things that hurt me and I don't want to go back to a life of pain.

In November last year I bought the starter pack and read the book from cover to cover many times.  I didn't actually start a round of the protocol until February of this year (2014).  I knew that I would need to be in the right frame of mind to succeed as I anticipated a challenge.

By February my pain levels from fibromyalgia were spiking an average of 8/10 daily.  I was barely able to walk 500mtrs, had daily headaches, brain fog, terrible fatigue and gut/bowel issues.

My starting weight was 111kg and considering I only measure 147cm it wasn't good.  However, my main concern was the other health issues primarily.  Despite having perfect blood pressure, blood sugars and heart I didn't see how this could continue and I was also worried about muscle issues from immobility.

I took the big step on February 2nd and began the protocol.  Within two weeks I was walking 3km easily, had no fatigue, headaches or gut issues.  My pain levels were down to about 3/10!!   I could not believe the difference just from paying attention to foods and how they affected my inflammation.

After the two loading days of phase 1 and the 43 days of phase 2 I was not only feeling awesome I was also down to 96.7kg.   A loss of almost 15kg!!

I did phase 4 and 5 (continuing to lose weight) and had the required rest period. 

On 12 May I began my 2nd round and weighted in at 90.4kg.  (on writing this I am 86kg)

I have notice the weight loss is slower this time and I attribute this to a back injury I am struggling with and apparently it is common for loss to be slower in 2nd and 3d rounds.

I started round three with loading on 11 October.  My start weight was 75.5kg and I gained 2.6kg during loading.  R3P2D2 and I am back down to 75.5kg.
I also forgot to mention that my blood type is A+.   I don't strictly stick to a blood type diet but I do follow the guidelines in The HCG Protocol Companion ebook.  Which, if you haven't got it yet I highly recommend you do.

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