Friday, 8 May 2015

head down and bum up and back to work!

I am heading in for that last 15kg.  
I am hoping to stick with LCHF way of eating rather than doing another HCG round.  
I want to join a local gym that supports LCHF and build some lean muscle and increase by strength so I can't really do that if I am doing HCG.

I have come so far and I know there is never a finish as such, as this is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix diet that has an end date.  
But I know that I really only need to lose another 10-15kg to be within a healthy weight range and not obese.  

Did you know I have lost almost half my starting body weight.  
Not far off and that blows me away.  
I forget how big I was and it is funny because I feel like I am so teensy now, and compared to what I was I kind of am LOL

So, while I am feeling proud and bold I am going to share my current before and after.
I am nervous and a bit cringy doing this 
I want all those people out there who think it is 
are overwhelmed, 
not confident 

that it can be done.


  1. Very brave, good on you...and look at that waist! Woohoo! Xx

  2. Such a great job.. your before and during photos are so similar to mine.. just amazing work.. Robyn xx

  3. Great work and well done!!!! Thank you for sharing your story and photos. I can understand how difficult it might have been, but it was what I needed to see and hear to know that it is possible. I have gained 15 kgs in less than 6 months and really dont understand why yet. So I am going to give what you have done a go. Not sure what was involved but will research it. Thank you xxx