My Affiliates

I have never felt comfortable doing random scrolling advertising on any of my blogs.  Since discovering affiliate advertising I have become a convert.   I like that I can choose who I advertise and support businesses that I use and believe in.
I appreciate that people can order products via my website and support me in turn.  The returns aren't great, but hey!  Every little bit helps :)

So, in advance THANK YOU!

Because I believe so strongly in what I am doing to turn my life around I am more than happy to endorse the products I use. I will never advertise something I don't use or believe in.
Below are links to these products. If you are already a member you can still purchase products through me and receive your discount.
The beauty of these products is that even if you are not doing the protocol they will benefit you and your family in maintaining or achieving great health and well being.
I am an affiliate of Changing Habits. This simply means they are happy with my website and happy for me to advertise their products. I receive nothing from them for my posts. The only money I receive is if you buy a product by clicking on my advertising.

Below are links to all the businesses I support:

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