Tuesday, 27 January 2015

My hips measure what!!!

Okay, seriously slack in the update department and I do apologise. 

When I finished round 3 in November 

I was 68.3kg.   
Today I am 65.4kg  

Not a huge loss but I figure throw christmas and raw cheesecake cheesecakes in there, I haven't done too badly.  
I have been following Low Carb High Fat principals but not to the point of macro counts or anything. Just clean eating, good amount of fat and trying to cut the carbs as much as possible.  
There is a fantastic guideline on Tim Noakes' website Real Meal Revolution that lists foods you should and shouldn't eat.

The interesting thing has been my measurements.

People have been commenting on how much weight I am still losing and my clothes are getting looser, despite not actually losing much on the scales.  Yet I was totally surprised at my last measurements that I have lost so much on hips and waist.  When I look in the mirror I can start to see some waist line curves too. 

I guess my skin is pulling into shape, which is good as having loads of saggy skin is my biggest fear. I expect at my age to have some and that I will have to live with that but I do hope I lose some of the arm bat-wings and inner thigh sag.

So, how are things looking to date??

From 111kg to 65.4kg ?

I have to say I am pretty pleased so far.  I hope to lose another 10-15kg in all and then reassess the situation.
I trust that my body will stop when all excess abnormal fat has been used up.
I still am not overly active.  I try to walk a few times a week but did get a bit slack for a few weeks.  
Have started again this week as I want to motivate my kids and the best way is to lead by example.

So how do I look after 11mths and almost 
46kg gone??

How do I feel?
I still have no real pain.  I do see a chiro regularly but suspect I inherited my dad's skeletal fuck ups and have a back that goes out all too readily.
My mobility is fantastic, I really notice the difference and love that I can move with ease.  Simple things like cutting toenails don't require contortionist tricks any more and I can actually paint my nails!
I can walk distances without pain and can even jog!!

Any Issues?
I have had some abdominal discomfort, this came on during the phase 4 period on HCG Protocol   I really had no idea what it was other than a fist like feeling that gave out referred pain to my ribs.  It would come and go but I couldn't pin it down to one thing causing it.  I figured it was part of detox and left it at that.  The last few weeks I found it was worsening to the point of being quite uncomfortable and the rib pain getting stronger.  I also had some constipation that seemed to go with it.  I am on various LCHF/banting groups on facebook so started to ask around and do some reading up on liver/gallblander.  I also asked Jo from Primal Living about the fat consumption and side effects.  
Anyway, to cut a long story short it seems the sudden jump to high fat may have aggravated my gallbladder.  Not sure about stones but I think it is unhappy.  
Unfortunately I suspect it is dairy that is causing the issue.  Which pisses me off no end as I love cheese and butter!   On reading up I have found that coconut oil doesn't require the gallbladder to digest so I have been using that more than butter and cutting back on cheese.  I have also been upping the water kefir, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar and taking a chinese herbal  liver tonic and my symptoms have disappeared.
I intend on going to see someone at Gary Fettke's clinic the Diabete's Health Centre.  It is funny as I either hear people say they haven't heard of it or think it is just for diabetics.  I will report back with a review once I have been.

What am I eating then?
I tend to have my main meal at breakfast.  Usually eggs, sauerkraut, bacon or a paleo sausage  and avocado.  Occasionally I will do a smoothie and use  Grass Fed Whey Protein isolate as the protein.  I received a sample of this at a conference and thought I might buy some more as it is a good way to get your protein.
This usually does me until dinner time.  I will occasionally have a snack of some nuts, pate  or cheese (insert sad face) but a mid morning coffee with cream generally does me.
For dinner, I make sure I have a really good helping of green salad or veg with some meat, sauerkraut and more avocado.

I have days where I stick to under 20gr of carbs and sometimes I go over.  I don't stress too much as I figure in the bigger scheme of things I am doing pretty well.  Today I bought an icecream for the kids and I had one too.  Full of sugar, crap and carbs but it is the first one in 11mths and I don't care.
Tomorrow I will be back on track again :)

Have I missed anything in my update.  Probably.  I'll blame having a newborn in the house, even though she isn't here tonight LOL

If I hav missed something or you would like to know something please leave a comment. I would love to hear from you :)


  1. You are just amazing! Such an inspiration.

    1. Thanks Jamie, I hope others can benefit the same as I have

  2. In the before photo you do look like you are in pain. After...you look vital and ready. Ready for anything. Do you also find that your mental alertness and memory has changed too?

    1. I was in pain all the time Tanya. My mental health is amazing compared to what it was too

  3. Well Done Kelli, you are doing an amazing job :) Congratulations for making that change that is working.

    1. As you well know Christina it is an evolving work in progress

  4. You look amazing! Just a word of caution re losing another 10-15kgs... When i reached 53kg, my 'nearest and dearest' were telling me i looked took thin. I ignored them, thinking they were just jealous! But i look back at photos and my face looked drawn and haggard; I'd gotten so wrapped up in it I'd gone too far, trying to reach what i weighed at 18! shouldn't be done at 45! So I'm just saying take notice if someone quietly says you look a bit thin...assess and decide for yourself. Just sayin'.
    But an amazing job you are doing, well done xxx

  5. I remember that Kirsty. I figure my body will know when to stop. Or my nearest and dearest will tell me xx

  6. You are so inspiring Kelli - thank you for being so open about your journey, it encourages more than you will ever know.

    1. you are more than welcome. I get such pleasure from seeing others succeed with their journeys too xx

  7. Those measurements and your weight loss are amazing . Well done.

    1. Thanks Trish, I feel awesome too

  8. Amazing , I think you feel good na..